Puerto Vallarta Events Calendar

Puerto Vallarta has a unique international ambience where foreign visitors and local residents share an uncommon cultural acceptance. Mexican festivals and holidays blend in with Saint Patrick’s Day, Canada Day, and 4th of July festivities. Yearly events in Puerto Vallarta encompass a broad range of interests and enthusiasms covering everything from Mariachi, Cultural, International Film, Fine Arts, Gourmet Festivals to Fishing, Tennis and Golf Tournaments.

Also, here are a few upcoming special events happening at Vallarta Adventures. Be sure to check back often to see what exciting events we’re planning next.

New Year’s Day: It’s the most laid-back holiday, people taking it easy after the night before, perhaps walking on the Malecon or going to the beach.

Jan. 6: Day of the Kings: A favorite amongst children, because they get new toys in honor of the three kings who took gifts to the baby Jesus. A traditional cake called Rosca de Reyes is served, and whoever finds a tiny plastic baby in their piece has to make the tamales for a party February 2.

Jan. 2-30: Vallarta Race Cup Series, feel the water emotion and visit


Feb. 5: Recognizes the implementation of the National Constitution into law.

Feb. 14: Valentine’s Day, enjoy it at any of our romantic settings or local restaurants.

Feb. 17-21: National Championship “Charro Vallarta”, a competition of the best 38 teams in the country, Horsemen (charros) and skirmishes will compete for the 6 first places in two finals, taking a bag of 900,000 pesos in prizes. For more information:

Jan. 23-28: Flower and Garden Show at the Botanical Gardens. Visit

Feb. 24: Mexican Flag Day, Is when the military, citizens and officials parade with the green, white and red to show their patriotism.

Feb. 26-28: Writer’s weekend workshop, The fourth annual Puerto Vallarta writer’s weekend. Visit


Mar. 1-15: Annual Huichol Festival “Wixaritari Takei Kie”, From 10 am to 9 pm in Plaza Caracol, free admission, come to experience the traditions, music, art and food of this wonderful culture.

Mar. 8: International Woman’s Day

Mar. 16-20: XVlll Banderas Bay Regata. Hosted by Vallarta Yacht Club at Paradise Village Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta. Visit this website for more information: Banderas Bay Regatta

Mar. 1 thru 31: Spring Equinox Musical Festival, by los Muertos Beach, come greet the spring with live jazz, blues and rock performed by national and international artists

Mar. 21: Benito Juarez Birthday, honors the humble, indigenous former Mexican president whose egalitarian world view was likened to that of his contemporary, Abe Lincoln.


International Symposium of Fireworks at Puerto Vallarta, for the first time, Puerto Vallarta will host these fireworks extravaganza, bringing the pyrotechnics industry worldwide, during the event will be demonstrations and fireworks shows. The fireworks will be presented by different countries around the world, for more information visit:

April 4, 2010 :Easter Sunday and Daylight Savings Time in Mexico. Spring ahead 1 hour!

Apr. 5-12: Holy Week, highest holiday week of the Catholic faith.

Apr. 1-30: Puerto Vallarta Dance Festival, The annual Puerto Vallarta dance festival give you a chance to see the repertories of seven city’s dance & ballet schools in Los Arcos. Free admission.


May 1: Labor day, has unions parading in the streets.

May 5: Commemorating the defeat of the French at Puebla Battle in 1862.

May 1-4: Built for speed regatta, visit

May 10: Mother’s Day, families gathering around the Queen for a Day to sing Las Mañanitas at midnight the night before.

May 13-17: VII Copa Vallarta Soccer International, a tournament for all soccer “aficionados”. To be part or more information visit

May 16-19: International Sports Classic, lively Competition of different sports with the participation of national and international athletes.

May 15-31: Restaurant Week, the Fifth annual restaurant week, exceptional three-courses menus are offer with price reduced up to 50% off the regular menu for more information about participant restaurants visit

May 31: Puerto Vallarta Anniversary, celebrate with us the 91 anniversary as a municipality and the 41 of being upgraded to city.


Jun. 1: Navy Day, brings a colorful, morning parade of all the navy ships in port, followed by tour boats and fishing boats flying their nautical flags.

Jun. 7-9: Meeting Place Mexico 2009 “The Meeting and incentive market” for more information visit


Enjoy the beach, sun & outdoor activities in Puerto Vallarta
Sea Turtles.

By this month the adults sea turtles arrives to the beaches to egg lay, and after 45 to 50 incubation days have elapsed, the releases start, around the last days in August. Summer and fall are the best seasons to participate in this marvelous experience.

Reserve Your Canopy Tours here
Reserve Your Dolphin Tours here
Reserve Your Ecotours here


Ujena Bikini Jam

An international bikini jam, a huge event searching for new talent. For more information visit

Sea Turtles

Don’t miss this marvelous experience, the sea turtle release began by the last days of August.


Sep. 1: President’s State of the Nation Address is televised throughout the country.

Sep. 14: Day of the Charros, brings a morning parade of beautifully outfitted cowboys and cowgirls on horseback through the heart of town. Continuing festivities include traditional food and dancing, along with rodeo competitions demonstrating skill and showmanship.

Sep. 15: El Grito de Dolores, the cry for liberty at Dolores Hidalgo in 1810, is perhaps the most emotionally powerful holiday for the patriotic and those who love this country. Every mayor in Mexico stands on his balcony, which always overlooks the Main Plaza, and yells out the names of Mexico’s Founding Fathers. The crowd gathered below responds in unison with a heartfelt “Viva” after each name, culminating with a resounding “Viva Mexico!”

Sep. 16: Independence Day, marks Mexico’s liberation from the Spanish in 1810.


Vallarta Yacht Club opens for season
The nonprofit Vallarta Yacht Club opens for a season packed with sailing and parties.

Oct. 12: Columbus Day, commemorating the discovery of America in 1492.

Oct. 29 -08  thru May 27-09: Art Walk Season, 16 Art Galleries with more than 300 artists are involved. Every Wednesday from 6:00 PM ­ 10:00 PM, free admission, complimentary wine, self guided. For more information visit

Athletes from 42 nations from all over the Americas will be competing in multidisciplinary sports, Guadalajara will be the host city and Puerto Vallarta is honored to co-host the following sports: sailing, open water marathon and the triathlon, for more information


Nov. 2: Day of the Dead, akin to Halloween but in Mexico on this date is when the deceased are said to return to this plane. Families flock to graves with food and tequila for themselves as well as the departed, often taking musical instruments to play. You’ll see marigolds – the sacred Aztec flower of death – all over town, as well as highly creative altars.

Nov 08: Puerto Vallarta 2009 International Half Marathon & 5K, the 7th Edition of Puerto Vallarta International Half Marathon is here, the best of Mexican and International Athletes, 1600 runners from all over Mexico,USA, Canada and Kenya, an estimate of 15,000 spectators will be there cheering them on. Additional information

Nov. 15: Copa Vallarta (Vallarta Cup) Golf Tournament, this annual program golf event is held at Vista Vallarta & El tigre with a purse of $ 200,000 pesos and other prizes.

Nov. 12- 22: International Gourmet Festival, in its 15th edition the Gourmet festival is better than ever, this festival involves the best restaurants at the bay area in a celebration of the cuisine.

Nov. 11 ­-14: International Sailfish & Marlin Tournament, this extraordinary annual event 54 year takes place in Banderas Bay with cash prizes for those catching the big ones.

Nov. 20: Anniversary of the Mexican Revolution, from 1910 – 1917, is marked by parades.


Dec. 1 – 12: Processions for Our Lady of Guadalupe, Daily processions to the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe happen round the clock – as does bell ringing – people walking on foot from as far away as Mismaloya. Wearing white, holding candles and singing to Vallarta’s patron saint,  neighborhoods, hotels, businesses and civic associations form processions, all of which end in a church mass. The final day brings a huge parade with lots of beautifully decorated floats.

Dec. 24: Christmas Eve, the traditional family dinner happens on this date, usually after a midnight mass, with good home cooking, ponche (hot punch with chunks of fruit), sidra (fermented cider served cold) and gifts – primarily for the children.

Dec. 25: Christmas Day, is for recovering from the festivities, enjoy the family and go to the beach.

Dec. 28: Holy Innocent’s Day, is the Mexican April Fool’s Day, so don’t believe a word you hear! (could be a joke)

Dec. 31: New Year’s Eve, is celebrated with a special dinner as it is in much of the world. The traditional 12 grapes are eaten at midnight, a wish made before downing each one.

I Madonnari
Usually celebrated by the first weekend of December, show your talent to Puerto Vallarta painting on the floor of the main plaza.

Puerto Vallarta Film Festival
Celebrate and enjoy the International movies by the second week of December  for more information visit

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