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Puerto Vallarta is a fusion of the very best of Mexico, from beach- resort hip to cosmopolitan chic. It offers visitors the very best in gastronomy in award-winning restaurants,  off-the-beaten-track adventure and 24 -hour excitement. Whether you come here to get away from it all or to soak it all in, Puerto Vallarta and the many surrounding coastal beaches,  colonial villages and rustic ranch towns offer a spectacular array of entertainment to leave even the most seasoned traveler satiated.

El Tuito




El Tuito is a small village nestled in the mountains one hour south of Puerto Vallarta along the Pacific Coast highway of Barra de Navidad. The route south is dotted with impressive estates, remote fishing villages, and beautiful river valleys. El Tuito is known for the richness of its cheeses and variety of honeys. The town center has a well-preserved main plaza that features a variety of restaurants and small crafts shops. Accommodation is limited to a few bed and breakfasts. Day trips from El Tuito include the unspoiled beaches of Mayto and Tehuamixtle to the west.

El Pitillal – Main plaza




Those seeking a taste of a more authentic Mexico must visit the Tianguis (market + culturally fun chaos) in the Puerto Vallarta suburb of El Pitillal. There are no gleaming white sandy beaches here; instead, the terrain is small-town Mexico, the air drier and the setting very authentic. El Pitillal competes with Vallarta for size and is the gateway to many of the smaller ranching communities that surround Banderas Bay.

The Marieta Islands




The Marieta Islands, about a 30-minute boat ride from the Vallarta Marina, are one of the splendors of Puerto Vallarta and Banderas Bay.  A protected ecological park, the Marieta Islands are home to a vast array of sea life and sea birds. They are a fantastic place for snorkeling or scuba diving.

You’ll be diving in great company. Manta rays, dolphins porpoises, humpback whales and a plethora of fish call these waters home.  The ride to Marietas Islands is well worth it: The view of Vallarta’s Old Town and the beauty of Gringo Gulch is best appreciated from the water, while the sunsets at sea are incomparable.

Las Ánimas Beach




Las Animas is a beach distinguished by its golden sand. To the right of its division by a line of rocks is the tourist section, to the left is a much more private beach called El Caballito (Little Horse). Behind it stand imposing mountains and before it the Pacific, colored a light blue due to its shallow depths, which make it perfect for swimming, snorkeling, SCUBA diving and kayaking. Or if you only want to relax here, you can sunbathe on any of the reclining chairs in front of its many restaurants after you have enjoyed a delicious meal of fresh seafood. They’re several houses here for rent.

Los Arcos National Marine Park




This incredible marine park is situated between the Las Gemelas and Mismaloya beaches. Don’t miss the opportunity to boat, snorkel or SCUBA dive through the deep tunnels, caves, colorful reefs and arches of these amazing islands, and to get to know the numerous forms of sea life and birds that make Los Arcos their home. These islands seem to float on the surface of some of the most profound waters of the Pacific. Their unforgettable image will be brought up in your memory whenever you think of Puerto Vallarta.

San Sebastián




Nestled at the top of the spectacular Sierra Madre mountains is colonial, historical San Sebastián del Oeste. This remote village has retained the charm of colonial Mexico while offering an impressive array of modern amenities and expansive views.  There is little to do in San Sebastian but relax and mingle with the locals. The fresh mountain air revitalizes,  while the sunsets over the mountains provide a soothing alternative to the downtown lights of Vallarta.  The altitude of the village requires a sweater if not a scarf and hat in winter- seriously.





Yelapa, a picturesque beachside village that opens its doors for you to explore its landscapes is about 30 minutes away from Boca de Tomatlán by water taxi. It is distinguished by its color, tradition, and gentle people who, for the most part, dedicate their lives to fishing and tourism. Given that it is a traditional village, you must try its dishes of Mexican food, fresh fish and lobster.

Yelapa is the perfect place to ‘lose’ yourself in the jungle, wade through rivers, or take up sports such as swimming in its gentle water, SCUBA  diving or fishing, or taking long walks in the village until you reach its waterfall, more than 50 meters high, that falls from the mountain in the rainy season (June to September).



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