Spring Breakers

Puerto Vallarta
is a popular beach and night life destination for college students and spring breakers of all ages. The warm weather, open air bars and lots of laid back cafes, bars and restaurants  are a perfect place to let go of the stress of college exams and cold winters.


The beaches and short day trips are ideal for groups while the innumerable number of tours will leave you exhilerated and wanting more. Try a zip line adventure, rock climbing, scuba diving or enjoy the company of hump back whales in a zodiac adventure on the bay.  Our eco adventure travel adventures are so unique and adrenalin pumping, they will leave you with the memories of a trip that will last a lifetime.


If dancing and music are your thing, you can check out the open air clubs that line the sea side promenade (el Malecon) in the Centro Histórico and try your luck at dancing Cuban style in the coolest live music venue in town. If electro is more your style, check out the ultra modern clubs near the marina and head south for more down tempo jazz.



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