Short Trips

Free for only a day, a weekend or on a shore excursion and want to get the most out of your time here? Where to begin depends on your interests and length of time. No other Mexican beach resort offers such a wide array of activities, entertainment, shopping, dining and tour options like Puerto Vallarta.

Below we detail a variety of day options for those with limited time.

1. Culture

Tour of historic center. Include beach side promenade with collection of art sculptures, visit the local cathedral, walk the hills of Gringo Gulch overlooking the center. Follow the Malecon south, cross the River Cuale for a late lunch on the beach in Olas Altas, south of downtown.

2: Art Galleries

Vallarta has an innumerable number of art galleries and artists studios offering Huichol art to modern art.  Most galleries are found in the historical downtown sector or the marina.

3. Extreme Sport

Enjoy a spectacular adventure with one of the many tour operators. ATV and canopy tours offer an exhilarating day for those seeking extreme adventure.  You can also arrange an unforgettable experience swimming with dolphins or a quick whale watching tour.

4: Sun fun

Puerto Vallarta is known for the multitude of beaches.  If you like to people watch and loads of activity, head to Los Muertos, the busiest beach at any time of year.  Seeking more peace and quiet? Head to Conchas Chinas, Las Animas or Yelapa for an opportunity to get away from it all at some of the most amazing tropical virgen beaches.

5. Sunset Spectacular

There are many daytime cruises to choose from that visit neighboring beaches. Some of the most spectacular views of the city are enjoyed on the way back at sunset allowing you to enjoy the magnificent colors that make Vallarta famous as the setting sun reflects on the mountains, the ocean and changes the color of distant clouds and the buildings in town.

6: Shop till you drop

There is a lot of shopping in Vallarta and the number of boutiques is on the rise. Check out the new shopping mall near the marina for national and international fashion brands or to catch a movie. Head to the Historic Center for mostly silver and opal fine jewelry and souvenirs and to Olas Altas for hand crafted chocolates and hand painted ceramic for friends back home.  A must see is the ceramic factory in the Romantic zone which is a fascinating experience to see the talent at work.
We offer a large array of tours, we have them organized as:

Dolphin tours

Imagine an exchange of looks; a gaze full of liberty, love and everything we are by nature but we have forgotten. That is the beginning of an unforgettable experience in Puerto Vallarta, beside our marine mirrors and friends, the dolphins.
More on the different dolphin tours and a tour by tour description.
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Canopy Tours

Feel like tarzan

Your wildest fantasies of being Tarzan or Jane are vividly brought to life as you feel total exhilaration, swinging at high speed from treetop to treetop through the dense tropical vegetation. And for those Cheetahs amongst us, there’s our daring Tarzan Swing.
More on the different canopy tours and a tour by tour description.
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These are educational tours fit for kids and adults alike – a true chance to interact with animals and nature. They take care to nurture and care for the environment, not just use it for a tourist attraction. A portion of your tour cost goes to foundations to support the wildlife and environment of Puerto Vallarta too.
More on the different ecotours and a tour by tour description.
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