Family Fun

If you want to enjoy a great family vacation where you can enjoy diverse activities with your children, Puerto Vallarta is an ideal place. We are blessed with a wide variety of hotels that have facilities and amenities for children including shallow pools, games rooms, and kids clubs.

The fun is not limited to the hotels. Enjoy big adventure taking a boat ride across our beautiful bay, take flight on a canopy tour, swim with dolphins or enjoy a simple walk along the sea side promenade (El Malecon) enjoying the sculptures,  sights and soundsthat have made us famous.

If you want an air conditioned afternoon, check out the various malls that populate the city  and take in new release in 3D or visit one of the many games arcades, department stores or simply window shop.

Puerto Vallarta invites you to create the perfect family vacation.
We offer a large array of tours, we have them organized as:

Dolphin tours

Imagine an exchange of looks; a gaze full of liberty, love and everything we are by nature but we have forgotten. That is the beginning of an unforgettable experience in Puerto Vallarta, beside our marine mirrors and friends, the dolphins.
More on the different dolphin tours and a tour by tour description.
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Canopy Tours

Feel like tarzan

Your wildest fantasies of being Tarzan or Jane are vividly brought to life as you feel total exhilaration, swinging at high speed from treetop to treetop through the dense tropical vegetation. And for those Cheetahs amongst us, there’s our daring Tarzan Swing.
More on the different canopy tours and a tour by tour description.
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These are educational tours fit for kids and adults alike – a true chance to interact with animals and nature. They take care to nurture and care for the environment, not just use it for a tourist attraction. A portion of your tour cost goes to foundations to support the wildlife and environment of Puerto Vallarta too.
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