A day In Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta
is a unique city that offers excitement to travelers of all ages. There is no way to get through Vallarta in one day, so if you are here on a shore excursion, try coming back for a week or a month; use our diversity as an excuse to come back and do the things you missed.  We’ll offer you some tips to get the most out of your day.

 Whether your idea of a perfect vacation in Mexico is lounging in the sun on a beautiful beach, poolside at a luxury hotel or at your own private villa, there is much more to Vallarta than basking in the sun.

If your vacation interests include seeking more activity, you might imagine yourself flying over a river in the jungle on a zip line tour (Canopy) or decked out in SCUBA gear swimming alongside giant manta rays.  Or cruise the waters of Banderas Bay in a small boat to get closer to the humpback whales accompanied by a marine biologist. Or venture on an ATV road tour to remote farmlands or deep into the lush jungle.

Why not take a walk along the Malecón, or seaside promenade, that borders Vallarta’s downtown and wonder at the creativity behind the sculptures you’ll pass along the way, each one a unique work of art.

Afterwards, you might find yourself in need of a massage; therapeutic, hot stone, mud or seaweed wrap. Then you might be inclined have lunch at one of the quaint restaurants across the street, or turn back to take a table at one of the top eateries on the island of the Cuale River or in Olas Altas, also known as the Romantic Zone.

Something a little closer to home?  Perhaps some after-lunch shopping? If you need to cool off, visit one of Vallarta’s spacious new shopping centers and indulge in a bit of gambling: try your hand at dice or a slot machine.   Or take in a movie at state-of-the-art theaters.  Movies are mostly in English with Spanish subtitles (most children’s films are in Spanish). Department store shopping, banking and boutiques are all available along the main thoroughfare.

If art or theater is what you’re after, Vallarta has an Art Walk that takes you to all the galleries available downtown, so you can sample the diverse traditional and modern artists they display. Choose from paintings, photography and sculptures created by very talented artists. The new theater, which also houses a gallery of modern Mexican art, hosts performances by local and international troupes.  Their signature show, Fandango, is a spectacular display of music and dance that will leave you spellbound, complete with a full mariachi performance you will never forget. Near the center of town, Olas Altas and the Marina are also lovely places to stroll in the evening, full of art galleries, souvenir shopping and fine dining.

All around Vallarta, you can find street performers in the evening, playing and singing for tips, against the backdrop of a phenomenon that has made Vallarta famous-  its glorious sunset. If you’re feeling romantic, why not have dinner at a cliff-top restaurant? Or sail to a distant cove for a dramatic backdrop for a meal and be entertained by the re-enactment of an ancient Aztec ritual?

End your day by relaxing to jazz and soul in a piano bar, or take another walk along the Malecón, where you can stop and watch Voladores de Papantla (Papantla Flyers) as they perform a death-defying pre-Columbian ritual at the top of the hour on the boardwalk.  If you find that you still have the energy for more excitement, why not drink and dance the rest of the night away at one of Vallarta’s many nightclubs?  Choose live music from Cuban, Mariachi, and local trios to rock-bands, harp, guitar or piano.  Or try the disco-clubs with salsa, ’60s, ’70s, ’80s, ’90s, electronic or reggae music to move your fancy feet.

In Vallarta, the perfect tropical vacation awaits. The Romantic Zone or Marina, the eco-adventures, the art and culture offer excitement to match your discerning tastes.

Whether you are here for a month, week or a day long shore excursion you´ll be glad you came.
We offer a large array of tours, we have them organized as:

Dolphin tours

Imagine an exchange of looks; a gaze full of liberty, love and everything we are by nature but we have forgotten. That is the beginning of an unforgettable experience in Puerto Vallarta, beside our marine mirrors and friends, the dolphins.
More on the different dolphin tours and a tour by tour description.
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Canopy Tours

Feel like tarzan

Your wildest fantasies of being Tarzan or Jane are vividly brought to life as you feel total exhilaration, swinging at high speed from treetop to treetop through the dense tropical vegetation. And for those Cheetahs amongst us, there’s our daring Tarzan Swing.
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These are educational tours fit for kids and adults alike – a true chance to interact with animals and nature. They take care to nurture and care for the environment, not just use it for a tourist attraction. A portion of your tour cost goes to foundations to support the wildlife and environment of Puerto Vallarta too.
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