Scuba Los Arcos Tour, 1 Tank beginners y certified divers

Depths from 10 to 60 feet. Los Arcos is an excellent and very safe dive site for inexperienced scuba divers and snorkelers alike. One of Mexico National Parks, Los Arcos provides sanctuary to many: its craggy peaks and arches are home to Pelicans and Swallows; in its hidden tidal caves, the Turtles slumber till it’s dark; and deeper, in its cracks and crevices, the Morays lurk in ambush, awaiting passing fish; and far, far below, in the still darkness, a once huge (and all too famous) forest of Black Coral silently and secretly rebuilds itself. It is at Los Arcos that the deep Pacific currents, rich in plankton, encounter the Devil’s Jaw. This 800 ft., underwater cliff forces the plankton up near the surface, thus attracting enormous numbers of fish to feast on the abundance. Everyone, even experienced divers, are impressed by the variety of sealife that Los Arcos has to offer.

Runs:  From Tuesday to Friday at 10:00 AM

Includes: All diving equipment, clinic on board.

Destination for novice divers, certified divers, snorkelers and passengers. (Free snorkeling clinic on board). Not recommended for Kids.

 Prices: $88.00 BOOK NOW

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