Scuba La Corbeteña and El Sequial 2 tanks certified divers only

Surrounded by the blue waters of the Pacific 40 miles from Puerto Vallarta, these remote diving locations, which are only one kilometer apart, attract all manner of sea life. A profusion of manta rays, turtles, sharks and dolphins are native to these waters, and huge schools of Jack Tuna circle this tiny island in search of food. These dives are available as a private dives for groups of eight or more divers. Spectacular La Corentena Island Diving: Offering certified divers the chance to explore caves, arches and steep walls, Corbeteña is a great dive site with moderate currents and depths of up to 120 feet, with visibility ranging from 60-120 ft. Trips to this incredible dive site are limited to small groups of experienced divers. If you are interested in diving at this site, please fill out this form with Corbeteña in the comments box. Unique diving experience at El Sequial: Incredible drop-offs on each side of the table-top make for a unique diving experience and due to it’s location outside of the Bay visibility is often much better at El Sequial than at other dive sites closer to Vallarta. The name Sequial means a “dry area” indicating that it is one of the few shallow areas close to the Corbeteña island. Depths in this part of the bay go as far down as 1.5 miles and so it is an area popularly frequented by large marine life such as Tuna, Sailfish and sometimes Shark. If you are interested in diving at this site, please fill out this form with El Sequial in the comments box.

Trip details:

  • Tanks: 2
  • Water Temp: 62-82°F/17-28°C
  • Average Visibility: 40-120 ft/12-36.5 m
  • Depth: 40-80 ft/9-39.6 m

Runs: at 8:30 AM 9:00 AM

Includes: PADI certified divemaster, BCD, Wetsuit, Regulator, Weights, 2 scuba tanks, Lunch and beverages.

 Prices: $135.00 BOOK NOW

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