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Check out the latest addition to our best-in-Vallarta canopy tour lineup, Mundo Nogalito!  This quaint and cozy jungle restaurant has installed a great network of 12 zip lines, including one tandem line so you can race each other to the finish.  You’ll also like the Raicilla line, where you decelerate from 30 mph to 0 in almost no time at all.




Famous for its Mundo Nogalito Hiking Tour, and its riverside restaurant, this 99 Acre natural reserve also contains a beautiful botanical garden, countless hiking trails, and a tequila distillery.  After your exciting zip lines adventure, where you’ll fly high above and through the jungle canopy, you can swim in the river, admire the botanical gardens (great photo opportunities!) and learn how tequila is made at the tequila factory.

The Mundo Nogalito zip lines are up to 850 feet (250 m) long, and up to 250 feet (80m) high.  This is great fun for the whole family.  See you there!


 Duration: 4 Hours Approximately


  • Round-Trip Transportation
  • English Speaking Tour Guides
  • Tequila Tour & Tasting
  • 12 Zip Lines
  • All Safety Equipment & Orientation
  • Use of the Mundo Nogalito grounds including swimming in the river, restaurant and bar and hammocks.

You’ll Need:

  • Swimsuit and Towel for Swimming
  • Camera
  • Tennis Shoes
  • Hair Tie for Long Hair
  • Extra Cash for Souvenirs or Tips

Kids:  7 Years and Older.

Restrictions: Maximum weight is 250 lbs (120 kg). Do not drink too much alcohol before this tour – you won’t be allowed to go for safety reasons.

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Price: Save 10%

Adults: $67.00 BOOK NOW

Kids (7-10) $43.00 BOOK NOW


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